Is it a  Good Idea to Sign an Exclusive Contract with a Melbourne Buyer's Agent?
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Is it a  Good Idea to Sign an Exclusive Contract with a Melbourne Buyer’s Agent?

A buyer’s brokerage agreement, also known as a “buyer’s representation agreement” and a “buyer’s agent agreement,” is a way to ensure that at least a payment is made to the agent in case their buyer makes an offer on a property under another agent. This can occur after an agent has spent a lot of effort and money to help the buyer find the house of his dreams.

A contract with a licensed Australian buyers agent can benefit all parties. These tips will help you negotiate the best terms. However, it is advisable to put your expectations and understanding in writing.

Why agents want an exclusive buyer agreement

A Melbourne buyer’s agents usually work with buyers for a few weeks to several months. Sometimes, it can even last longer. Agents can introduce buyers to potential lenders or obtain loan preapproval letters. Melbourne buyer’s agents may email listings that meet the buyer’s needs or call listing agents to check the availability of properties. They will make appointments to meet with the sellers or their agents and drive buyers around their neighborhood, often touring as many as ten homes per day.

Is it a  Good Idea to Sign an Exclusive Contract with a Melbourne Buyer's Agent?

They will research similar sales, and it is not an easy task

Maybe the buyer calls in exhilaration to tell their agent that they have decided about the property and are ready to sign a contract to purchase the home. It might be great for the buyer, but it’s quite unfortunate for the agent, who has worked for months without any compensation.

Agents who work in real estate earn 100% commission. An exclusive buyer agency agreement will provide compensation if you change agents and purchase a home from the first agent. This agreement protects the first agent by creating a procuring cause. Other agents can pursue your interests in other properties. You only give the first agent a chance to earn a commission on properties they have already shown you.

If you sign this type of agreement with more agents, you may end up owing several commissions.

The Buyer Benefits of a Buyer’s Agency Agreement

A Melbourne buyer’s agent will want to ensure they get paid if you buy a property they have already spent time and effort showing you. But there is also something for you. If you are unhappy with their service, your agreement will outline when and how to end the relationship. Visit to read about What does a Melbourne Buyer’s agent do?

The Buyer Benefits of a Buyer's Agency Agreement

If you request this guarantee, many agents will be happy to accommodate it. If you or the agent decide that the relationship isn’t working out or your personalities clash, you would be freed from the agreement. If the agent seems too insistent or pushy, or if they don’t seem to listen when you explain what type of property you are looking for, you can happily opt out of the business agreement.

A contract with a buyer’s agent should be bilateral

The buyer’s agent should also feel they are making a good match with the buyer. Buyer’s broker agreements, like listing agreements, are consensual. These agreements outline the responsibilities and rights of both parties. If a Melbourne buyer’s agent fails to perform, the buyer may have the right to fire him. It all depends on the terms of the agreement.

It is important to state the agreement’s duration clearly. For example, it should specify whether it will expire after three months or if it will automatically roll over into another contract. The buyer and agent can agree on the best period to suit their needs and expectations. However, a standard contract does not cover this situation. Every agreement can be customized to meet the specific needs of the buyer and agent. A buyer shouldn’t work with another agent to buy a property during this period.

Make sure you read the fine print to make sure you understand what you are signing. You can take the agreement to your attorney for review if you have questions or concerns. This contract is legally binding, so don’t assume.

Tips to Negotiate a Buyer’s Agency Agreement

A Melbourne buyer’s agent agreement can be extended or shortened at any time. While most agents require a minimum 90-day commitment, you can always request a 24-hour, 7-day, or 30-day term. It is up to the buyer.

Tips to Negotiate a Buyer's Agency Agreement

These contracts usually include a description of the property you want to purchase. It might be helpful to have both the terms and areas you are interested in. This clause will allow you to collaborate with agents working in different locations and on different terms.

It is possible to specify a price range. If you have this type of information in your contract, you might be able to choose another agent to show properties in a different price range.

How to find a good Melbourne buyer’s agent

Finding someone you are comfortable working with can be difficult, but a referral is usually the best way. Although friends, family, or colleagues refer many buyers to buyers’ agents, those moving to a new location don’t usually have this option.

If they search online for properties for sale, buyers can quickly find out which agents list the most homes in a particular neighborhood. This would, however, mean that agents will likely specialize in seller representation, not buyers.

It might be more convenient to search online for keywords like “Melbourne buyer’s agency.” It is possible to find buyer agents that are exclusively focused on buyer representation. These brokerages do not accept listings from sellers. Click here to read about Property manager registration.

If you are unhappy with the chosen agent, you can always ask the broker to request a replacement agent.

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